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Excavating Contractor in Regina

Whether residential, commercial, or civil, all construction projects begin with the very important process of excavation. Regina and the surrounding areas can rely on W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. for expert excavation services. We have the experience and knowledge to provide a complete range of superior excavating services for our clients. With the latest fleet of equipment and a seasoned team of operators, we can ensure the job is done properly, to your satisfaction, and in accordance with Regina and Saskatchewan’s safety standards and regulations. We pay attention to detail, deliver quality results, and produce exceptional workmanship with every excavation. Depending on your unique requirements, we can take on a project as a general contractor or sub-contractor.

Professional Excavating in Regina

Excavation is the process of removing earth, rock, and other materials from a certain location with various machines and tools, such as bulldozers, trenchers, and skid steers. This process can involve earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, and tunneling. Excavation is used for various purposes including construction, mining, exploration, and environmental restoration. For everything from site preparation for foundation construction to highways, W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. is your excavating expert in Regina. Excavation requires the operation of heavy equipment, which is expensive to own. If you’re a general contractor looking to sub-contract an excavation job, our team has the equipment and experience to perform the job safely and in a timely fashion.

Excavation in Regina with a Focus on Safety

We always aim to perform excavations in a safe manner that complies with local and federal regulations. This means that we take our time during the planning process. Before we even start excavating, we identify nearby utilities and any hazardous conditions that may be encountered.

The next step for an excavation project in Regina is to have W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. examine the site to ensure the natural habitat will be preserved and to have corner benchmarks set out as visuals. After that, we’ll make a drawn-out plan for the size and depth of the excavation area. When this is done the excavation work will begin. From excavating to the required depth to constructing dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches, the excavation team you hire will need to be experienced.

A Variety of Excavating Projects in Regina

For over 60 years W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. has offered Regina and Saskatchewan our excavation and site prep services. Our site prep services include:

  • Parking lots
  • Highways
  • Industrial projects

Every home, building, skyscraper, and road that we come across in our daily lives was started with excavation construction. Excavating services are used to build foundations for all of these structures and are also how reservoirs, lakes and pools are made. If you’re looking for site prep services, demolition or excavation in Regina, be sure to call W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd.

Additional services include:

  • Demolition
  • Erosion control
  • Culvert installation and replacement
  • Geo tech fills
  • Lagoon construction
  • Road maintenance and management

We also offer commercial snow removal services in the winter months. Inquire about our excavation services today.

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